Saturday, April 9, 2016

Southern California Weather Force - Website Warning!

 It would seem that Kevin Martin has changed websites so frequently recently that he is again able to sucker uninformed individuals into paying him money for his bogus forecasting service. Please do not become a victim of Kevin Martin, become informed instead. Read on to learn more.

 Kevin Martin's newest websites for scamming people about the weather are "Southern California Weather Force" and "National Weather Force". A few of the many websites in which he had previously scammed people out of money for his fake forecasting alerts included The Weather Space, Southern California Weather Authority, Weather Alert Central and Ontario Weather Service. Mr. Martin is also set up on numerous disreputable conspiracy sites under various false names as he has been repeatedly banned from these various sites for reasons which range from defrauding people of money to his bogus reports and the threatening of people with extreme violence or death on hundreds if not thousands of cases over the years.

 If you are associated with Kevin Martin via any website or Facebook page you are highly encouraged to remove yourself and any personal information from any of his websites and block him via Facebook or any other social media for your personal and financial security. If you were silly enough to provide him with credit card info it is suggested you report the card as lost or stolen and get a new one. Even the National Weather Service had to put out letter to the public regarding the threat Mr. Martin is to public safety and forbid their employees from any contact with him. More information on that Here. Mr Martin then threatened numerous NWS employees and ended up under investigation again.

 Regarding his latest sites lets just put this information out there to give you an idea how deceptive he is. First of all Kevin Martin is NOT a meteorologist in any way shape or form beyond a claim that he was struck by lightning when he was a teen and all of this stuff came to him. He has not training, no schooling, no education whatsoever in meteorology. If fact Kevin himself has often claimed to be a great storm chaser back in the day when he was stealing legitimate storm chasers photos and claiming them as his own and even selling them as his own. He then turned around and admitted on his website at the time "The Weather Space" quote "I'm from Southern California and have no idea what a tornado is like and have zero credibility or say so when it comes to even chasing them or how one operates when doing so." We have screen shots of that admission saved for you. We learned to do that early on as Mr Martin will post threats and articles while high or otherwise and then deletes them when his meds kick in the next day or a few hours later and he realizes he needs to cover up for another lie or scam.

 In regards to his membership page, first of all he says if you don't have Paypal to pay for his fake forecast then you can send him your credit card info. I shouldn't even have to tell you not to send him anything mush less mention how bad of an idea it would be to send any website that has been written so poorly with so many spelling and grammar mistakes your credit card number. I have seen spam emails from Nigerian scammers that make more sense than much of what has been written by Kevin on his websites. Lets take this image from his most recent website for example:

 Where to even begin.... No real meteorologist in the world would use information from Kevin Martin. They all know he is a dangerous fraud and a joke, they all know he takes all of his info from the National Weather Service forecasts and tries to pretend it is his. They know he is a dangerous con artist, They know he is a serious threat to the life and safety of the general public. They all know Kevin Martin was "Weather Alert Central" the one who started the rumors about a Katrina sized Hurricane coming into the Gulf Coast in 2015. The Weather Channel and hundreds of other "Real" meteorologists had to deal with the national panic this idiot caused with that hoax of his, and that was only one of many hoaxes that had been perpetrated by Kevin Martin.

 There are no insurance companies using Kevin Martins fake weather forecasting services, no companies, no schools, damn sure not the Department of transportation or any other government agency, they all know he is a dangerous psychotic scammer. NO ONE uses any services that Kevin Martin provides beyond a few fools who haven't yet learned the truth about him. It doesn't take long though. A few people paid him money, after they seen his services were fake and then had their paypal account or credit card charged with bogus charges they would try to warn others only to be blocked from Kevin Martin's FB pages. There are reasons Kevin has so many disclaimers on his pages about speaking for him or anything related to the failure of his forecasts.  

 Kevin Martin and his twin brother are dangerous. They have been scamming people for years, since they first gained access to the internet they have pulled one scam after another from being known as the "cash gifting twins" which was a pyramid scheme they ran on Youtube for a few years to fraudulent websites. If there is a way to scam people they have done it. Kevin at one point claimed to have purchased a major government science center in Alaska to experiment with HARRP. There are numerous website that have popped up trying to warn people about him and his brother since this one was established years ago. These include RationalWiki pages, Encyclopedia Dramatica and many more.

 More recently Kevin created a scam website similar to GoFundMe so he could rob people directly, the website claimed they had collected more than $15,000 to help pay for the funerals of the shooting victims in San Bernadino. Kevin has been trying hard to cover his tracks on that as well but he isn't doing so well yet.

 Kevin Martin was recently arrested for solicitation of prostitution and subsequently lied about that as well and setup some accounts to beg money for his legal fees because he was (as usual) setup and innocent. It is unknown how many thousands of dollars he scammed through that fundraiser but recently he admitted that it was even a lie and he really was guilty. This was on the heals of his twin brother having just been sued for 20 million dollars for scamming people and he lost.

 Kevin Martin is extremely dangerous, you should cut all ties with him immediately. Do not under any circumstances give him money for his fake weather services. Each dollar you send him encourages him to steal from others.

 Even Google search engine tries to warn you of the dangers of this site.

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  1. Where did your other posts go? The ones about Brian Martin claiming his lawsuit was an April Fool's joke and he'll never pay? And the one about the possible contempt of court charge?

    Plus, you should post that the lawsuit details have been finalized. Brian's gotta pay, and he's lost controlling interest in VideoGames.