Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kevin Martin has now started up the National Weather Force (Farce) website.

 This is just a warning that the fraud Kevin Martin, plagiarist, photo thief and fraud has started up two new website in his continual effort to scam gullible and uninformed or unintelligent people out of their money for fraudulent and inaccurate weather information.

The new websites are the "National Weather Force" (Farce) and the "Southern California Weather Force" (farce). If he would have only changed that "o" to an "a" it would have been the most accurately named website of his yet out of the many dozens of fake weather forecasting sites and services he has created. Rather than waste my time reposting all of his past scams and fraudulent websites here I would encourage you to read the other articles linked on the side. This man is dangerous, he has caused widespread scares over his fraudulent and failed weather forecasts time after time. The National Weather Service, The Weather Channel and everyone else has done their very bests to warn the public to avoid this fraud but he can still manage to find fools who send him money to keep the scams going.

 Do NOT put your life in the hands of a well know scammer with countless serious mental disorders. Read the articles and links and get yourself informed and avoid Mr Martin like the plague that he is.

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