Monday, April 25, 2016

Brian Martin Claims Lawsuit is a Joke, Claims he Will Never Pay Though He has Millions!

 In the typical Martin fashion, Brian Martin, the twin to Kevin Martin who has claimed on many occasions to be a master at storm chasing gets into an argument with a guy after posting that he is to scared to chase storms alone. And in typical fashion the threats are flying. The judge in any case with these two would be well advised to lock them up during any proceedings.

 Brian Martin claims the Texas lawsuit judgement against him was an April Fools joke and that even though he has millions of dollars in various social media projects and businesses that he isn't going to pay Shit. BTW, did you know Brian was one of the "most most famous person's on Web 2.0"? Me either....

These twins should both be disposed of and their brains studied for science in the mental illness field.

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