Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weather Alert Central Hurricane Hoax

This is just added information for one of Kevin's scams before his arrest for prostitution...

In late August 2014 Kevin Martin, was operating under the name "Weather Alert Central" where he produced a forecast which he posted on Facebook claiming a potential Katrina scale hurricane was headed for the US Gulf Coast. The Facebook post received considerable attention and was debunked by several widely viewed outlets including The Weather Channel, Times-Picayune, Huntsville Times and Slate. The National Weather Service Hurricane Center also made a post on Facebook advising the public to "be wary of long-range projections that go beyond what science can offer". By the time the system Kevin was referring to made landfall in Louisiana and Texas it was classified as a "weak area of low pressure" which brought a handful of scattered rain showers to the area... about as far from a massive hurricane as you can get.

You can also find more information about this on

The Weather Channel also tore him up for this weather hoax as well.

But to add to this info is the fact that Kevin is so unstable he tried to save his own ass by saying he got rid of himself. I know right! Totally insane but here it is....

The board at Weather Alert is announcing the removal of Kevin Martin that is in effect now.  This removal has come due to Mr. Martin’s conduct over the internet and people whom follow him.   WACweather’s image over social media is being impacted and the removal was so that we can continue the operations over social media, that of which he is blocked from at the moment.  The entire network of WACweather, SCWCweather, and HAARP Status Network will no longer be under Mr. Martin’s guidance or control.  The board has taken full control over the sites.
 So the board of Weather Alert Central who is none other than Kevin himself decided he was removing himself....  LOL My brain hurts. The article goes on to say:

The new CEO has been appointed and the name will not be announced at the time.  However, the new CEO, living nearby the WACweather office, has informed us that she will be taking over operations and assigning multiple weather forecasters to the website, replacing Mr. Martin.

Mr. Martin declined a statement for this release article but stated it was for the best we removed him.   Our new CEO will work with the new team to reestablish the quality and trust of the weather forecasts on the site.

The new Apps for Iphone and Android will help the website boost more views and hopefully new guests to the site.

The graphics engine at WACweather will remain the same, with or without Kevin.  Our graphics designer has the rights to the stencils used for the project and our new upcoming talented forecasters will use them for all updates.
Mr. Martin has not given word on where he will be next in the forecast industry.  We here at WACweather are saddened by the loss, but the board has spoken.

 Now this is even more insane considering that this so called weather engine is just his imagination and the info he steals from the National Weather Service....

This comes from Kevin's own reporting account at Before its News (about as reputable as Kevin's websites.)

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