Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kevin Douglas Martin - Southern California Weather Farce - Pleads Guilty to Prostitution

 Fake California meteorologist wannabe Kevin Douglas Martin AKA K-Mart has pleaded guilty to prostitution. JohnTV has the full details in a twisted story you will not want to miss but the basics are this:
 Kevin Douglas Martin has pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution and was given some jail time, ankle monitoring and three years probation after telling everyone he was framed. Now for anyone that knows him this was to be expected as he has always and will always blame others for his insane actions.

 Kevin in his typical K-Mart manner has resorted to lying about everything, threatening death, violence and rape etc in retaliation for the reporting of his offenses. Kevin was trying to harass the Corona Police Department into dropping the various charges on their facebook page as well. Kevin pushed things to the point they filed an order to revoke his bond.

 Jump on over to JohnTV and read up on the details of this completely insane lunatic and please remember that if you are supporting him in any way via his facebook page or his various websites, you are dumber than he is.

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