Monday, February 9, 2015

Accused fake forecaster under Investigation for threats to the National Weather Service

It has been a while since I updated this blog but I have found that Kevin is still threatening various legitimate storm chasers and weather people so I think it is time to get this ball rolling again.

It seems that Kevin and Brian Martin received a visit from the FBI after posting more threats on Facebook to the National Weather Service. These threats have made the news on many websites and the Martin's have taken some time off from stealing other peoples pictures to start threatening legitimate storm chasers for laughing about this whole thing at their expense.

ABC 10 News out of San Diego ran a news report about is and this has left Kevin and Brian both trying to save themselves from losing the few remaining fools who still send him money for their fake forecasts. You can find the video at the link below.

What is completely pathetic is Kevin again attempting to damage control in the same way he always has, by making fake accounts and pretending to be someone else and tooting his own pathetic little horn. It is no surprise that they are again threatening the same people they have stolen pictures from in the past. In a previous article we posted information where Kevin had stolen pictures from Jim Saueressig and was posting them on his fake weather forecasting site claiming them to be his own. Well here is another back and forth between then after Kevin and Brian started threatening him again that includes a link back to this website.

Luckily I saved some screens from that page myself as Kevin Martin / AKA Hector Villa in this case  because he has since deleted them as is typical to try and cover his tracks.
I lose track of this idiot at times because he has more aliases than a phone book in a medium sized town has names.

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  1. Now he's spaming the NWS San Diego Facebook page ( under the moniker of Southern California Weather Force ( The story never changes, just the location where he vomits his slefish crap from.