Monday, April 25, 2016

Brian Martin Called to Appear for a Show Cause Hearing on a Possible Contempt of Court Charge.

 After a Dallas jury delivered a more than $20 million verdict against two owners of Videogames YouTube Channel, a U.S. magistrate ordered one of the owners, Bryan Martin, to show why he should not be charged with contempt of court and serve jail time.

 The magistrate issued his order and scheduled a show cause hearing for April 5 after Martin posted a tweet on April 1—the same day the jury delivered its verdict. Martin's tweet asked for pornography video submissions to the YouTube channel. Martin posted the tweet after the jury issued the verdict and after the magistrate advised both defendants, "do not do anything to harm the Videogames You Tube Channel."

 If pornography videos had been submitted, as Martin's tweet requested, YouTube likely would have eliminated the channel since YouTube's rules bar pornography submissions.

 In a response to the magistrate's order, Martin claimed his tweet was protected under his free-speech rights and amounted to only an April Fools' Day joke. He also stated his tweet had not led to any pornography submissions. In the same response, Martin said he had not done anything, nor would he do anything in the future to adversely affect the revenue stream of the channel.

 More on this story from Texas Lawyer.

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