Saturday, September 29, 2012

Self Proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin aka OWS, SCWXA, TWS

Self Proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin, This blogs for you!!

Self proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin is known to most as a person they believe to be a complete mental case. He is well known for his fraudulent weather websites where he pretends that he is a storm chaser or meteorologist but in fact is simply a nasty little plagiarizing weather content and weather theory stealing photo thief.

Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin is also well known in the circle of scammers with his cash gifting scams. Kevin can be found in various but numerous website forums (search Google with Kevin Martin OWS or some such thing) where he trolls and posts fake or stolen weather forecasts, weather reports and posts other chasers pictures he or one of his few friends or alias's have stolen. Most of his forum accounts you will find have been banned, locked out or in many cases removed because they always ended the same way. Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin would post and then he would cross post under various other names lifting himself up with fake testimonies and other such crap with two or three other people that help him run his various websites posting a few rounds of crap till people caught on and he started threatening to kill them or snap their necks. Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin also the allegedly self admitted scammer who made and released the fake spiral UFO video back in May.

Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin is well known in the legitimate storm chaser circle due to his continuous theft of legitimate chaser photos and content, he has threatened to kill nearly anyone who has ever called him on his plagiarism, theft and other actions and then after a while self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin claims he was just mentally ill or off of his meds. Everywhere that self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin goes on the internet he leaves such a trail of forum destruction and some terror.

At this time self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin runs among other websites the public websites of "scwxa" aka "southern california weather authority" and "the weather space" which I refuse to link as I don't want to unintentionally lead anyone into a virus or trojan infested website.

I have an old collection of photos, threats and other various links to put up that will show self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin for the fraudulent terroristic type person that he really is. If you want to know the truth about this plagiaristic terrorist also known as self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin then be sure to stay tuned.

Self Proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin Caught Stealing Photos from Legitimate Storm Chasers Again.

On July 29th Jim Saueressig II of was notified that the self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's website "The Weather Space" had posted an article called "Record USA Hailstone cloud photo released" by Scott Sturgis (which may or may not be one of self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's numerous aliases) which had an alleged picture of the storm. The person thought that maybe the photo had belonged to Jim and let him know where it was posted at since it is well known that self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin has stolen images from him and many other chasers over the years and would not likely have permission to use his photos for any reason.

Jim visited the article to view the picture and found that it was not his picture but that it looked very familiar. Jim then went to a forum where some well known chasers hang out that he belongs to and posted a message regarding the picture. Within minutes the true owner of the photo was located and notified about the use of the stolen photo on self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's website. This photo shows the cropped out copy from self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin website highlighted over the original photo. This photo actually belonged to Chad Cowan and can be found on his site Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin nor anyone on any of his so called weather or conspiracy websites had any permission to use it whatsoever.

In retaliation for his being caught in yet another round of photo thefts and plagiarism Cameron Venable (which may or may not be one of self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's numerous aliases) decided to attack Jim Saueressig and proclaim him to be "a storm chaser bully" on yet again the same self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's "The Weather Space" website with the name Cameron Venable (which may or may not be one of self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's numerous aliases). There he, or he (it's real hard to keep up with aliases and multiple personalities) took a photo the original is viewable here on (the stolen altered copy from the slanderous article is shown left) from Jim's website and and unlawfully altered it, then unlawfully posted it and attacked Jim and blamed him for a blog that was created in the past by another person who had also grown quite weary of his relentless thefts, death threats, plagiarism, and general "self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin" behavior. That blog is still available at but is in no way Jim's blog nor was it ever his blog.

Jim did in the past have a blog about self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin but had reached an agreement with his brother Brian Martin nearly two years ago to remove the blog that covered that wild round of self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin's behavior, thefts, death threats, plagiarism etc.

Just yesterday self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin sought out and attacked Jim on his facebook page where again self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin admitted to stealing photos from Jim Saueressig and his photography website at Jim passed this along as self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin was able to get it removed from Jim's Flickr account based on some report of personally identifiable information being on it. Funny how self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin doesn't mind hiding behind the internet during his normal forum attacks but boy oh boy when he forgets he is not anonymous anymore and then he posts on a forum or in an email with his real identities then it changes the whole ball game real fast.

There is no doubt that self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin needs some kind of help for his behavior and his actions but blaming everything he ever does over the years on some mental illness or retaliation against legitimate storm chasers for something they supposedly did has grown quite old over the years.

Hopefully self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin will never make good on any of the countless threats he has made on so many people and especially on legitimate storm chasers over the years about snapping necks, killing, raping or maiming because people popping up later to say "I knew it was coming" will be sadly too late.

Kevin Martin, Weather Fraud. NWS Statement Regarding the Fraudulent Weather Poser

NOUS41 KWBC 031401
Public Information Statement, External Statement
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
1000 AM EDT Fri Jun 3, 2011
TO:      Subscribers:
         -Family of Services
         -NOAA Weather Wire Service
         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
         -Other NWS Partners, Users, and Employees
FROM:    Office of Communications
         National Weather Service
SUBJECT: Clarification on Sources of Weather Information  
NWS, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has no association with the Southern California Weather Authority or with Mr. Kevin Martin or any other staff of the Southern California Weather Authority.  Weather forecast and warning products developed and distributed by Mr. Martin or the Southern California Weather Authority may have formatting or contain content that could visually be confused with that of the National Weather Service.  Regardless of formatting or content, Mr. Martin’s weather products have no connection with nor are they the products of the National Weather Service.
NWS is the sole official voice of the U.S. Government for warnings of hazardous weather, including tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, floods and others.  NWS encourages the media and others to distribute NWS warnings and other hazardous weather products widely to aid public safety. 
NWS also respects the rights of individuals, companies, and other organizations to produce weather information of their own and to use NWS information to help them do so, including those who choose to produce weather information regarding weather hazards; however, it is important to distinguish official products that are produced and issued by the National Weather Service from weather information produced by others that is NOT produced by NWS.  It is especially important to avoid any confusion between NWS warnings and those that might be produced by others. 
For more information regarding terms of use of NWS information, see
If you have comments or questions regarding this public information statement, please contact:
  NWS Communications Office
National public information statements are online:

Monday, September 10, 2012

You Just Can't Teach an Old Thief New Tricks

It seems that our old plagiaristic photo stealing friend Kevin Martin is at it again, though I am quite certain he never really stopped. Yesterday it came to the attention of many of the legitimate chasers that Kevin Martin of The Weather Space was yet again stealing other peoples weather pictures and cropping their names off of them to post on his joke of a forecasting site "The Weather Space". This is a newer web site in which he continued his insanity from the OWS. This time he has stolen a photo from Will Wilkens and cropped off his name and replaced it with his wannabe weather site's logo and placed it on one of his articles in which he claims he was the only one forecasting an event that was already commonly forecast by the real weather service (NWS).

Photos removed because the neck snapper Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin filed DMCA take down notices that I was using his logo in the pictures I posted. Imagine that, The psychotic worthless piece of faggot meat can steal peoples photos and plant his logo on them but if you show the photo he was caught with he wants it taken down.

 Kevin has removed the photo and replaced it with another in an effort to yet again cover his tracks, he has yet again went off on an insane tirade attacking people on facebook who have called him out, and I have decided that this blog will return from the dead until this photo thief Kevin Martin of The Weather Space stops his usual behavior of stealing peoples photos and threatening to snap the necks of people who call him out. It still defies all that is known how this lunatic remains free after threatening to kill so many people including people from the president of the united states to various senators and law enforcement officials throughout the years.

So KMart, again.... This Blog's for you!

P.S. As I logged to get started on this article I found a few new comments awaiting approval, this one from Kevin just tickled me.
"I need you guys to remove this site ... Gone on too long and it is hurting my personal life ... Get back to me as well at KMartin"

No, Kevin.... Your insane verbal attacks, threatening, weather forecasting based on NWS forecasts and thievery are hurting your personal life.