Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ALERT: - Fund Me This Warning: Scam Website - Owned by Kevin Martin - DO NOT USE!!!!!!

 It has come to my attention that none other than the scammer Kevin Douglas Martin owns and administers the website.

 If you have put any money into that website for any project or funding account I would try to get it back as fast as possible.

 Apparently Kevin has admitted he is involved with it. In searching I find Kevin Martin has the following sites on his hosting server in Canada. Any of these sites likely has virus or trojan threats so I do not recommend you visit them. This is being posted for authorities to see how far the Martin Twins scamming has reached. The FBI needs to get involved for federal racketeering charges or whatever is necessary.  Brian and Kevin Martin belong in prison for life, they have been scamming and robbing people for decades of hundreds of thousands of dollars for years.

  Websites run on one server single IP ( )   by Kevin Douglas Martin:

Many of these websites are set up to take subscriptions from people for their fraudulent weather services in one form or another.. Do not visit these site, do not give them money. These are dangerous people.

I have no doubt that there will be much more to this story.

                                         ************ Update 01 ******************

Kevin is now trying to hide the fact he had taken in at least $15,547.00 in funds though one scam funding event related to the San Bernadino mass shooting. There is no indication that any of these donations went to any victim family as intended.

The original link:

The link now carries this message:

                                            ************ Update 02 ******************

The information that initially went out regarding this account was started on a conspiracy website called Before Its News, where a contributor calling themselves "Just View It" posted an article ( Found here) which claimed that at that time over $10,000 had already been donated to the fund. The article stated:
The campaign owner, Kathy Rogers, states that the money raised will go to the funerals of the victims involved.  We asked Kathy Rogers why a FundMeThis Account.   She stated that “FundMeThis takes less fees out like GoFundMe taking over 8% of the total fundraiser for themselves.”
We now know that the "Before Its News" contributor known as "Just View It" is in fact Kevin Martin himself. If the writing style of the article itself wasn't enough to convince you it was Kevin then the weather related articles Kevin posted under that name should do it for you. As is typical he has a fictitious name and story ready to go for his articles. He is nothing if not predictable. There were numerous other posts made by Kevin around that time on the web in various places trying to get people to donate on his website via that fraudulent account rather than to use "Gofundme" in an attempt to bring those numbers up. I have included a screenshot of the article just in case he in his usual manner tries to delete it to cover his tracks.

Other Info Screens:

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