Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kevin Martin's Latest Scam? Extortion, via the Ashley Madison Extortion Scam.

This was passed along to me today, like the submitter I knew the writing style right away. Anyone who ever had dealings with this idiot will see the patterns immediately. I would say this is easily good for some felony extortion charges wouldn't you?

P.S. It is being turned over with the actual bitcoin address, headers and all other relevant information to the FBI.


Hey there!

If you want to keep your cheating and lies secret from your significant other, your family, your friends and work contacts then pay very close attention to this email. As what we demand is non-negotiable and you might ruin your life if you decide to ignore this email.

You must send exactly 1 Bitcoin (BTC) if you pay within 48 hours (approx. value $230USD) TO THE FOLLOWING BTC ADDRESS: *****removed***** (copy and paste address!!)

If you fail to meet the 48 hour deadline, you must send exactly 5 Bitcoin if you pay after 2 days but less then 6 days 23 hours from send time of this email; to the following BTC address: *****removed*****  (copy and paste address!!)

On the 7th day if you do not pay the non-negotiable amount your significant other, family and friends along with your employer will receive copies of all the hacked data screenshots, credit card transaction logs which include ip address, billing name and address and messages and profile from the cheating site you used to be unfaithful.

If you do not pay within the time frames we have set fourth this data will be in the hands of the people you wanted to keep your cheating secret from.

We are aware that you probably don't have (bitcoin) BTC at the moment, so we are giving you this time to get BTC and pay us.

**If you need help locating a place to purchase (BTC), use the website called localbitcoins, google it, if you dont know about it. This site makes bitcoin very easy and quick to purchase using multiple methods. On localbitcoins sign up and choose to buy the bitcoin (BTC) with western union or money gram wire , find a seller of your choice (localbitcoins is a "ebay" like site with sellers with many sales and a high rating being trustworthy) pay with cash at western union or money gram when you send the wire to the seller as sellers don't accept payments made by credit card. After you send wire to seller provide the seller with a copy of the receipt and when they verify they with send the bitcoins (have the seller send the bitcoin directly to the bitcoin address we provided you with OR if they send the bitcoins to your localbitcoins wallet on site instead you will have to log into your localbitcoin wallet and send to the bitcoin address we provided you with). It will take less then and hour and a half for us to receive the bitcoins once you wire the money to a seller on localbitcoins, the seller will give you a confirmation of payment through site and we will let you know we received. You will get the information needed to send a western union or money gram wire from sellers page after you choose a seller and it will give you the exact amount to wire to seller.

Current price of 1 BTC is about 235 USD, so we are fairly cheap, at the moment. But if you ignore us, we will ruin your life and move on to other targets.

IMPORTANT: You don't even have to reply. Just pay the 1 BTC (or 5 if its after 48 hours) to [above mentioned bitcoin address] we will know it's you and you will never hear from us again.

If you need to contact us feel free but you do not have to you only need to pay and we will disappear.

But if you ignore us, and don't pay within the time frames specified we will make good on are word.

If you think about reporting us to authorities, feel free to try. But it will not help. We are not amateurs. The best thing that can happen, they will go publicly about it. We will, again, get some free publicity. But for you, you will be ruined the damage will be done.

It's a one-time payment. Pay and you will not hear from us ever again!


  1. Kevin's latest Facebook page is

    I've reported it, but the person/people at FB that reviewed the complaint have no idea about his history and therefore wouldn't do anything.

  2. Fake California meteorologist Kevin Martin, pleads guilty to soliciting prostitution...

  3. Fake California meteorologist Kevin Martin, pleads guilty to soliciting prostitution...