Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kevin Martin Isn't the Only Weather Photo Thief and Scammer Out There... Say Hello to AJ Towne of Tea South Dakota AKA Tea Storm Chasers

We hate thieves here on this blog, Photo, thieves, money thieves and scumbags in general and we decided that maybe we should expand a little and give these other scumbags a bit of attention..

Meet AJ Towne, AKA Tea Storm Chasers of Tea South Dakota. The address of this scammer is 507 E Brian St, Tea, SD 57064. His FaceBook page is Here And the link to his wannabe storm chaser page is Here. He even has a GoFundMe page to scam people into paying for his chasing claiming it is for science. *SMH. We have heard all of this same shit before.
AJ and his little wannabe storm chaser outfit called Tea Storm Chasers like stealing photos from legitimate storm chasers just like Kevin Martin does and creating GoFundMe pages to scam people out of their money.
AJ came to our attention for stealing a picture from a well known chaser "Mr Tim Marshall" and posting it as his own. And then, get this.... Just like the Martin boys he claims he was set up or framed...... Where do all of these losers come from? What makes them drift into the weather field? Well here is the photo that brought him to our attention.

Rather than go into all of the past detail of this guy who apparently likes not only stealing photos but likes stealing articles, beating women and a whole lot more I will give you a link to the ANTI-Tea Storm Chasers FaceBook page for all of the gory details about this scammer and wannabe storm chaser. You can find that page Here.


  1. And he has stolen photos from Mr Dick McGowan,yes there is legitimate evidence via tea pd police report and incarceration file. Thank you for the publicity.
    Your friends at
    Anti Tea Storm Chasers

  2. The Tea storm chaser has been posting on their local rummage sites ( local for me also) about fundraiser they plan on holding to raise money

  3. AJ likes to get people fired from their jobs if they point out his hypocrisy, too.

  4. Ha. Okay, if he wanted to "steal" any kind of weather related photo, you think he would put it on his account? No, any weather info goes on the TSC page. So there is a legit reason this was framed. Not to mention that this anti page is a crock of shit that says he posts twitter statuses that aren't even there, and spends all the TSC money on his own shit. Okay, because when you make 500$ an event to load of a car full of 10k$ in equipment, ya totally. You lazy asses can't even look to see if all the shit talked about him is even true. Your as fucking gullible as hillary Clinton supporters.