Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kevin Martin - Running for President in 2020?

Kevin Martin - Presidential candidate for 2020? Yep, you just can't make this shit up.

Kevin must have decided that if Killiary Clinton could run for president after all of the crooked shit she has done, he could to.... That and taking political donations from liberal idiots to spend on dope and hookers would be easier to pull off than his other gofundme type scams in the past.

My name is Kevin Martin. I'm likely one of the most patriotic people you will ever meet in defending what these United States stood for in 1776 and need to remain so today.

One of the first posts that Kevin Martin for President makes is to show you how patriotic he is with his (donated or scammed (he has no job, hasn't for years)) money. He is adding 84 cents to the Semper Fi fund and making a big deal out of it. We are 100% certain he un-checked that box before he clicked submit.

A link to his facebook presidential page.

We here know it is about the money, some things never change but claiming to run for president? WOW!

The fact there are even 30 shares on here is a sad testament to the mental state of the liberals in the good ole USA.... But then again look at the votes for Killiary....


  1. Ah man, he gave it up already! For sure the DNC was going to go with him to replace Hillary! ROTFLMAO

  2. He has since deleted this profile. Shortest POTUS campaign ever.