Thursday, May 5, 2016

WIll the Insanities Never Cease? Martins so Desperate They Have Turned to Fake Conspiracy Sites to Slander the Real Storm Chasers.

Kevin and Brian are so desperate to find the owners of the various blogs and Facebook pages dedicated to outing them for their fraudulent actions that they have resorted to posting slanderous articles about "Real Weather Enthusiasts" on conspiracy websites which are well known for their articles being completely fraudulent.

Kevin Martin has posted a slanderous article about Will Astle on the Before it's News (Because the trash on that website will never be news) conspiracy website under the alias "Just View It" because the Martin's believe Mr Astle manages the "Kevin Martin Weather Fraud" Facebook page.

In this post I will break down the problems anyone with a brain cell has with the statements made in that slanderous article. I have a screen shot of the page posted at the end so you can see it for yourself.

Will (William) Astle lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia and runs WV Eastern Panhandle Weather.  He is being investigated by numerous sources in criminal stalking and the abuse of children and adults.  He is considered unstable and dangerous.  Born November 19, 1968 … 48 years of age …
The investigation started when Astle started stalking Meteorologist Kevin Martin via a website blog.  This moved from Martin to his female family member, who was told by Astle that he’d kill and rape her.  Authorities did not take it seriously at first because of how far he was from the Martin residence.  Astle used fake profile names on Facebook and hid behind proxies to avoid anyone finding out it was him.
 Ok, first of all Brian has stated repeatedly to others that he heard this accusation from others, a "he said she said" type of a deal. Everyone knows that it was Brian himself that posted that accusation to his FuturisticHub Twitter page when someone started telling his followers that he was just sued and had a judgement for 20 million dollars against him as we posted Here. Just to be clear, the Martin Twins searching for the owners of a blog on the internet is not an "investigation" that is of any concern to anyone or one that has any legitimacy whatsoever. As to the allegation of Will Astle threatening his wife, we have serious doubts. Just because you believe a certain person owns a fake account on twitter does NOT make it a fact. The truth is that "if" any threat like that was even made (which is suspect considering the source) you cannot assume that it was whoever you want it to be just because you want it to be that way and make such serious allegations. This is slanderous at best.
After Martin’s twin brother Brian Martin stepped in, Astle started to stalk and harass him as well.  His Facebook Page WV Eastern Panhandle Weather provides weather updates for that region, however you can get them anywhere.  He provides no real forecasting technique or talent.  He tried to scam people into buying a membership to his site and for what? … regurgitated forecasts? He since removed that option when he found out he provides nothing.
Kevin Martin saying that someone else has no forecasting ability or weather talent is quite hilarious at best, him commenting about someone else pretending to be a weatherman and charging people for regurgitated forecasts is a real choker, LOL. After all we are speaking about the king of being a fraud who charges for regurgitated forecasts and provides nothing of any real world value.   LOL
Since Meteorologist Kevin Martin does custom weather forecasts at both National Weather Force and Southern California Weather Force and is very protitable and helpful for members, Astle is jealous of that fact and goes out of his way to make Martin look bad, including stalking and harassing Martin’s friends and followers.  This has been well documented with messages from Martin’s viewers saying Astle has threatened, stalked, and harassed them. 
Again, supposedly custom weather forecasts using nothing more than the National Weather Service products which he has claimed as his own and which most of the time he has over dramatized for the fear effect. We know for a fact that Kevin barely pays his bills because he can find very few fools to pay for his fake forecasting products. Jealousy over what? and what friends? anyone that knows those fools knows they are liars and scammers....
A few viewers, kids, have even said Astle has threatened them as well.  Lines like “I’m going to plug you” to little boys and girls concerns them as the saying alone suggests rape, something Astle has threatened to Kevin Martin’s female family members in the past, under proxy ip addresses and alias’ via Facebook.
Astle has taken to a new social media platform via Twitter to engage in chats with under aged children who are fans of Brian Martin and harass them on a daily basis through various fake accounts.
Astle also emailed Brian Martin information on family members in the household where they go to school at out of the blue further showing his predatory stalking behavior.
It is believed Astle is in contact with people closer to Kevin Martin and his family.  These people would live close to his city and would be able to personally stalk Martin. 
Again all assumptions and stories made up in the mind of the Martins.These statement look like draft ramblings of a delusional idiot at best.
We urge the general public to take note of this unstable individual.  This person has a history of threatening rape to his victims, stalking them, and harassing them via the internet.  If you are affilated with him, please remove yourself from his site and pages.
This last statement made by Martin says all we need to say about the Martin's themselves. Get away, stay away. Speaking of Projection..... LOL


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  1. Brian and Kevin deserved to get sued into oblivion.