Saturday, September 29, 2012

Self Proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin aka OWS, SCWXA, TWS

Self Proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin, This blogs for you!!

Self proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin is known to most as a person they believe to be a complete mental case. He is well known for his fraudulent weather websites where he pretends that he is a storm chaser or meteorologist but in fact is simply a nasty little plagiarizing weather content and weather theory stealing photo thief.

Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin is also well known in the circle of scammers with his cash gifting scams. Kevin can be found in various but numerous website forums (search Google with Kevin Martin OWS or some such thing) where he trolls and posts fake or stolen weather forecasts, weather reports and posts other chasers pictures he or one of his few friends or alias's have stolen. Most of his forum accounts you will find have been banned, locked out or in many cases removed because they always ended the same way. Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin would post and then he would cross post under various other names lifting himself up with fake testimonies and other such crap with two or three other people that help him run his various websites posting a few rounds of crap till people caught on and he started threatening to kill them or snap their necks. Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin also the allegedly self admitted scammer who made and released the fake spiral UFO video back in May.

Self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin is well known in the legitimate storm chaser circle due to his continuous theft of legitimate chaser photos and content, he has threatened to kill nearly anyone who has ever called him on his plagiarism, theft and other actions and then after a while self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin claims he was just mentally ill or off of his meds. Everywhere that self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin goes on the internet he leaves such a trail of forum destruction and some terror.

At this time self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin runs among other websites the public websites of "scwxa" aka "southern california weather authority" and "the weather space" which I refuse to link as I don't want to unintentionally lead anyone into a virus or trojan infested website.

I have an old collection of photos, threats and other various links to put up that will show self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin for the fraudulent terroristic type person that he really is. If you want to know the truth about this plagiaristic terrorist also known as self proclaimed meteorologist Kevin Martin then be sure to stay tuned.


  1. You should update your blog, to bring more current stuff in. Your last post was in August of last year. Kevin Martin, Scammer of SCWXA is on the prowl. He had fake Winter Storm Watches up in California this weekend. No snow fell where I was, and where he had the "Watch". He's a fraud.

  2. Also update your blog to include is other sites, in addition to OWSweather (which is now dead). He also scams people now from: (stole the logo design from The Weather Channel!)

    Don't hyperlink these so he doesn't benefit for SEO, but the public should be aware of where he's scamming from.

  3. Hope you realize that DMCAs will be filed for each post here in violation of using privacy info of my real name and affiliation without permission ... By early next year I will subpoena Google to take this down once in for all. Or you take it down to save the time and money I'll spend doing it ...

    The fact is ... You'll lose against someone like me ... and very quickly might I add. A DMCA means in order to restore you will need to give your real name and address ... and with that I can legally sue you for everything here.

    Don't make this hard on yourself ... I'm catching up to you and you will be found out and handled legally... Hope you don't have a wife and kids because for the amount I sue you for you won't have a roof to live under and food to feed yourself and them.

    That what you want? If so then continue ... and file counter-claims with the real info ...

    If GOOGLE/BLOGGER Takes down threads DO NOT post them again ... This is a violation of the Blogger TOS and your blog will be deleted for violations of the TOS ... Try me ... because I just filed another DMCA on the current threads with the NEW URLS you try to hide ...

    You lost ... I won ... Give it up ...

    1. ummm Kevvie, it's still in essence, who won?

  4. ummmm Kevvie, it's still here in essence, who won?