Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kevin Martin is Moving from The Weather Space to Public Weather Service Website!

Self proclaimed Meteorologist Kevin Martin has decided it is time to move yet again to try and cover his very sloppy tracks. He has scammed so many people with his fraudulent websites, money making scams and so called fund raisers for various fantasies that he has had to try to hide from his reputation yet again.

It has been a long time since my last post but Kevin Martin (OWS) has been a very busy bad boy regardless. Kevin Martin has made false claims about taking over the government HAARP and set up a fund raiser for that. Kevin Martin has claimed to be suing the "Real" weather service (NWS)(NOAA) and set up a fund for that. Kevin martin has also set up a fund at one point to scam money from people for an alleged health condition that was likely to cost him his life due to the added stress put on him by the "Real" weather service (NWS)(NOAA) when they tried to make sure to distance themselves from his madness.

Kevin Martin has continued to threaten to shoot, kill and main real storm chasers and other individuals who call him out for the scammer and fraud that he really is. We will have more on that later but for now we just want everyone to know where this scammer is moving to next to fleece his flocks.

The new website he will be running with his (multiple personalities) imaginary editors and co-workers is called public weather service. ( I strongly advise you against visiting that site as people have allegedly been attacked with trojans and viruses on his previous websites. This move is just the next in line from from the many previous websites which included but is not limited to cashgiftingtwins, ows, ontarioweatherservice, southerncaliforniaweatherauthority, SCWXA, theweatherspace, haarpstatus, chemtrailstatus, chemtrailforecasts, and many more, it is hard to keep up with a person with such a vivid imagination.

Please put the word out because friends don't let friends listen to bogus weather reports from a person who's only claim to knowledge about weather comes from a lightning strike and or being autistic, it depends on the mood he is in to which it is.

Also you may find some critical information on his wiki page.


  1. He's back at:


  2. And he is doing it again (Sept 2015) trying to change it so people buy his premium service for forecasts. He used a story about a heart condition he will die from if he doesn't get the funds to help pay for. I thought he was legit, until something told me to Google him and I started reading..I am very disappointed to say the least. This morning he is also saying he has a mental condition???