Monday, September 10, 2012

You Just Can't Teach an Old Thief New Tricks

It seems that our old plagiaristic photo stealing friend Kevin Martin is at it again, though I am quite certain he never really stopped. Yesterday it came to the attention of many of the legitimate chasers that Kevin Martin of The Weather Space was yet again stealing other peoples weather pictures and cropping their names off of them to post on his joke of a forecasting site "The Weather Space". This is a newer web site in which he continued his insanity from the OWS. This time he has stolen a photo from Will Wilkens and cropped off his name and replaced it with his wannabe weather site's logo and placed it on one of his articles in which he claims he was the only one forecasting an event that was already commonly forecast by the real weather service (NWS).

Photos removed because the neck snapper Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin filed DMCA take down notices that I was using his logo in the pictures I posted. Imagine that, The psychotic worthless piece of faggot meat can steal peoples photos and plant his logo on them but if you show the photo he was caught with he wants it taken down.

 Kevin has removed the photo and replaced it with another in an effort to yet again cover his tracks, he has yet again went off on an insane tirade attacking people on facebook who have called him out, and I have decided that this blog will return from the dead until this photo thief Kevin Martin of The Weather Space stops his usual behavior of stealing peoples photos and threatening to snap the necks of people who call him out. It still defies all that is known how this lunatic remains free after threatening to kill so many people including people from the president of the united states to various senators and law enforcement officials throughout the years.

So KMart, again.... This Blog's for you!

P.S. As I logged to get started on this article I found a few new comments awaiting approval, this one from Kevin just tickled me.
"I need you guys to remove this site ... Gone on too long and it is hurting my personal life ... Get back to me as well at KMartin"

No, Kevin.... Your insane verbal attacks, threatening, weather forecasting based on NWS forecasts and thievery are hurting your personal life. 

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