Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kevin Martin, Weather Fraud. NWS Statement Regarding the Fraudulent Weather Poser

NOUS41 KWBC 031401
Public Information Statement, External Statement
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
1000 AM EDT Fri Jun 3, 2011
TO:      Subscribers:
         -Family of Services
         -NOAA Weather Wire Service
         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
         -Other NWS Partners, Users, and Employees
FROM:    Office of Communications
         National Weather Service
SUBJECT: Clarification on Sources of Weather Information  
NWS, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has no association with the Southern California Weather Authority or with Mr. Kevin Martin or any other staff of the Southern California Weather Authority.  Weather forecast and warning products developed and distributed by Mr. Martin or the Southern California Weather Authority may have formatting or contain content that could visually be confused with that of the National Weather Service.  Regardless of formatting or content, Mr. Martin’s weather products have no connection with nor are they the products of the National Weather Service.
NWS is the sole official voice of the U.S. Government for warnings of hazardous weather, including tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, floods and others.  NWS encourages the media and others to distribute NWS warnings and other hazardous weather products widely to aid public safety. 
NWS also respects the rights of individuals, companies, and other organizations to produce weather information of their own and to use NWS information to help them do so, including those who choose to produce weather information regarding weather hazards; however, it is important to distinguish official products that are produced and issued by the National Weather Service from weather information produced by others that is NOT produced by NWS.  It is especially important to avoid any confusion between NWS warnings and those that might be produced by others. 
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  NWS Communications Office
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